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Gaming Machines: Modernism and technological advancement go hand in hand. Communication increased productivity, new discoveries, global knowledge access, and cost-efficient all can be achieved by technology. Technology has also brought changes in machines and gaming. The gaming machines are designed in a way to be used by individuals to play. These may provide the options of unlimited stakes and prizes.

IFond Games Co., Ltd (HK IFond Group) is one of the leading companies that manufacture multiple products and spare parts of gaming machines. Our company has all the necessary specifications and certificates and has a high reputation that inspires us to move forward.

What we provide

IFond Games is the best Game machine parts supplier which supplies the finest quality products. It is a certified company and qualified with ISO9001-2000, provides quality-based products like PCB Plates, Cables, Acrylic, Coin Selectors, 9A SSR Power Supply, Anti Jammer, Push Buttons, Keyboard, Hopper, Micro Switch, LED Strip and other Electronic Parts for Game Machines.

Our company is the Game machine parts supplier which provides specialized Design & Manufacturing Arcade Game Machine Spare Parts and Completed Kits for Street Fighter Pandora boxes, Crane machines, Fruit King, Pikachu, and VR Simulator Shooting Games Kits.

IFond Games has prompt dealers and customer care services. We have a responsive and efficient Engineer’s team who responds fast to customer problems. We deal with dealers and customers from many countries including Germany, Poland, UK, America, Canada, Australia, and South America Countries. Our products are displayed all over the world.

Because we are a supplier and wholesaler of game console parts, there is no middleman, so you can buy the best quality products at the most affordable price. Welcome to contact and visit us.

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