How to Use a Coin Acceptor with Arcade Buttons

Coin acceptors are used to turn arcade buttons into coin acceptors, but it’s easy to make this simple mistake and get the wires crossed. There are two parts of an arcade button that need to be connected to the coin acceptor, but they must be connected in exactly the right way! If you don’t have the right connections, your coin acceptor will not work with your arcade button, no matter how many coins you put in it! Fortunately, this article will explain how to use a coin acceptor with Arcade buttons.


A lot of game console owners want to use their old arcade buttons and joysticks on their consoles. This is easy, but you will need extra equipment, such as a cable harness or joystick converter. The coin acceptor is what plugs into your arcade buttons and joysticks and determines how many points they are worth based on where they are pressed. This is called reading your buttons.

Essential Parts

The first step in building your own arcade is choosing which parts you need. Our product catalog has coin acceptors, buttons, cable harnesses, joysticks and all other parts you might need. To make a list of everything you will need for your project, take inventory of any parts you already have. You may have an old or broken video game or other electronics sitting around that can be re-used as arcade components; if so, go ahead and add them to your project’s inventory.

Finding the Right Parts

There are some really great parts that you can use in your arcade machine. You will want to get a cable harness and connectors so you can hook up all of your buttons, joystick and other wires. A coin acceptor is also recommended if you are going to set up an arcade machine like a stand-alone system. It is extremely important that you have all of these things before getting an arcade game working properly or you might end up burning out something expensive and/or breaking something on your game console.

IFond Game and Arcade games

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